Life is a jewel

YURGA – the first jewelry brand, created in an Independent Lithuania


Jurga Lago (YUR-gah LAH-goh) is a Lithuanian jewelry designer. Her work is distinguished by an outstanding array of symbols where all shapes and images appear for a reason.

Operating under YURGA brand, this jewelry has a little bird as its mascot, a symbol of freedom and joy.

A humble and handsome lark – as in “happy as a lark”, just like a saying goes – is a herald of spring and looks not unlike a bird drawn by a child. It is, however, more accomplished and subtle. “Simplicity is the home of beauty”, Jurga says.

Ancient Lithuanians (like many other nations) regarded a bird as a symbol of soul, it was a creature between the land and the sky and between the world of humans and the land of the Gods. A bird makes a nest, which is a symbol of a cherished home where all the family can live.

A piece of jewelry is used as a statement of something: sometimes it is a status, often – faith or view, but first and foremost it is a manifestation of someone’s aesthetic taste. A particular type of metal or precious stone does not matter, these are only materials without a form or sense, until an artist gives them a defined meaning. Through a piece of jewelry, an experienced and wise designer can express someone’s personality. The work by Jurga Lago does not aim to flatter: it talks, it tells a story, it has multiple layers of meaning and is exceptional among the multitude of competition.

YURGA is the first jewelry brand in the restored Independent Lithuania, it has already become history, and our little bird is a witness to it.

All the plant shapes work to signify the meaning of life. A tree is a symbol of life, with its roots sourcing strength from the soil and its branches reaching out to the skies, just like a man reaches out to the skies with his hands outstretched. Jurga Lago often features trees where birds can live. Flowers are the apex of life, with their light and energy reflecting the summit point of blooming strength, beauty and openness to the world.

A cross, just like a tree, connects land and heaven, all four geographic directions and is an anchor that injects harmony into the chaos of the space. A Christian cross is a religious symbol that people use to mark their choice of belonging to the community of believers and sharing their values. Jurga Lago uses this sign as both the legacy of old Europe and a religious tradition which is there to be respected.

Who is Jurga the jeweler and what is she? Jurga is strong and has her roots deep in the history of the old continent. Her work speaks of the eternal nature and invincibility of human values. Her language is not only modern but is also universal and will be understood by people of all nations. At the same time, every piece is unique, and it is resistant to the changes of fashion and style. It will certainly stand out and keep speaking volumes.

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