• Rings “Soft Urban”

    • An extraordinary composition with its simplicity!
    • The rings are extremely comfortable, although they create a deceptive impression.
    • Created by combining 18K gold and its textures in different colors.
    • Either polished or matte silver.
    • Can be decorated with four (0.01ct) diamonds.
    • The black ring is covered with a layer of black rhodium – it can wear off over time, so the black rings need to be protected in everyday life.
    • The price indicated is of a single ring, however you can choose the set of rings you like.
    • Only handmade!

    Ideal, stylish & original design for everyday use. YURGA classic and our star.

    We usually create soft Urban rings according to individual orders. The process takes up to two months.

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  • Wavy and Cute Ring “Little Nest”

    • A fun and wavy bird’s nest where you can choose the color of the gold, the stones and the composition itself.
    • Handmade.
    • The ring can be decorated with various gemstones: a sapphire, ruby or emerald.
    • Yellow, rose or white 14K gold.
    • Approximate weight: ~ 1.55 g;
    • The version without the gem will be with a Birdie ornament.
    •  “Little Nest” is elegant alone, but also goes well with few similar rings (in the photo).

    Amazing, elegant & personalized composition.

    If we didn’t have a Little Nest in our YURGA online store today, the crafting would take about three weeks. It is necessary to mention that each ring will be different, no two are the same and impossible to duplicate, because the rings are made by hand.

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  • Silver and Gold Pendant “Family of Five”

    • Cozy, symbolic – to be together – jewelry.
    • A surface created by YURGA‘s favorite silver processing technique (using flaming to form its unique pattern).
    • Each bird has a colorful gemstone.
    • Emerald, ruby, blue sapphire, white and black diamonds.
    • Because the jewelry is created by hand, it will be different, unique and special (one of a kind) each time. It is impossible to create two identical, identical pendants, and all the beauty in it!
    • You can choose a silver chain, velvet ribbon, or silk cord for the pendant.

    Symbolic, artistic & meaningful piece of jewelry.

    Pendant production would take up to five weeks. Sometimes we have it in our YURGA online store, but most of the time we have to produce it, so it is possible to change the arrangement of the birds (taking into account the customer’s wishes) as well as the gemstones can be selected.

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  • Pendant “Little May”

    • Pendant May is a delicate ode for the richest spring season.
    • Yellow 14K gold.
    • Diamond (0.01 ct);
    • Dimensions: the most delicate 8 mm.
    • Weight: ~ 0.57 g.
    • Combines with a “Japanese” silk cord, a beaded necklace, an organza ribbon, or a traditional gold chain.
    • Handmade, so the stone can always be chosen (ruby, emerald, and maybe sapphire).

    Cozy simplicity, subtle luxury.

    If we were to not have a Little May pendant in our online store today, its production and certification time could take up to four weeks. A more broad description can be found below.

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  • Engagement Ring “Kiss”

    • Gold ring Kiss is an original timeless classic suitable for any image, wardrobe, and occasions.  It is an alloy of a beautiful meaning, laconic, solid, and minimalistic design.  It will adjust to the person as well as to the circumstances.
    • Handcrafted
    • White gold
    • You can choose the color of gold, size of the diamond or other stone, quality of gold.  Please choose the ring size below.

        If you order the ring Kiss, production will take four weeks.  See a more detailed description below.

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  • Silver & Gold Ring “Family”

    • Symbolic and original ring Family with four birds and one gold heart is for the loving and caring birds from the same nest!
    • Created entirely by hand.
    • Polished silver (925), adorned with a solid contrasting rose color gold heart (14K).
    • Ring Family is wide, approximately 9 mm.
    • Part of the Birds collection.

    The silver and gold ring Family is about the eternal, strongest, and most important connections in the world!  It is about the common family denominator – love.  The combination of precious metals is not accidental – silver is considered a soul metal, and gold is the origin of the material world. YURGA almost never chooses gold plated silver because we appreciate sustainability, longevity, and quality – this is why the heart will be solid gold and will always retain its original look.  This combination of materials is only possible when creating by hand.

    Since the ring is made entirely by hand, you can change its design – select materials, adorn it with precious stones, in this case, we will have to agree on the price in advance.  Production and certification will take up to two weeks. 

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  • Gold Necklace for Mom & Child “Sweetest Couple”

    • The cutest couple – a great talisman, a unique, most special gift!
    • A piece of jewelry that has not only price but also value. He follows a beautiful story, stands out from the crowd and at the same time is moderately luxurious, laconic and, of course, serious. Designed to preserve a beautiful family history: while the baby is small, the mother adorns both birds, but when that day comes (for some special beautiful occasion), the little bird can be untied and turned into an independent, delicate pendant.
    • Handmade;
    • Rose and white 14K gold ;
    • Jewelry dimensions: big bird – 20mm x 30mm, small bird – 6mm x 10mm;
    • Because this gold pendant is absolutely unique, handmade, we will create it differently every time. Single. No two will be the same.
    • You can choose gold colors, its fineness, decorate with precious stones.
    • Match a gold chain, or maybe an organza or velvet ribbon? Also – decorate with a luxurious, handmade, monogram embroidered silk ribbon for your family.

    Meaning, value and history.

    The production and certification of the pendant will take up to five weeks. We will match the details to your order! A more detailed description of this pendant can be found below.

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  • Earrings “Valentines”

    • Earrings, hand-hammered.
    • So “irregular” because such is love.
    • Sterling silver and zircons.
    • You can choose as many as three earring sizes – S, M and L, combine two identical or different, asymmetrical earrings.
    • The earrings are sold as single units or a pair – choose the combination you like yourself!
    • Dimensions: 8 mm. (small), 11 mm. (medium size), 15 mm. (large).

    Hand-hammered silver.

    If we were ro not have the earrings Valentines in our online store at the moment, their production will take up to three weeks.

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  • Earrings “Cacti”

    • Create to be noticed.
    • Handmade and special silver processing techniques – hot fire.
    • Silver (925) adorned with solid rose gold bubbles (585). No gilding! Therefore, the earrings will be durable in terms of both design and fashion resistance, as well as practical wearability!
    • The color of the cactus “ring” can be chosen: white diamonds, green emeralds, blue sapphires, red rubies, or maybe cyan topazes?
    • The price indicated is for an asymmetric pair of Cacti.
    • The diameter of the asymmetric earrings is approximately: ~ 17 mm and ~ 11 mm;
    • We must mention that there are no two identical, identical pairs of cacti, because they are always made by hand and come out different and unique every time. The overall stylistics and design of the piercing pair is maintained, of course.

    Charming & playful asymmetry, handmade & likeable design.

    If we were to not have a pair of Cacti in our online store at the moment, it will take four to five weeks to produce and test them. When choosing a gemstone, its certification would take another week. A more detailed description is given below.

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  • Ring “Blooming”

    • The symmetrical, oval-shaped ring is a “noticeably inconspicuous,” restrained piece of jewelry.
    • “Flower Blooming is spring, a hint of rebirth and at the same time a childish drawing, of childhood.
    • Matte sterling silver, decorated with polished 14K gold and a blue sapphire (blue topaz or zircon stone can also be selected).
    • Combined with earrings or pendant Blooming.
    • Oval size: 20 mm. – 13 mm.

    If we were to not have the ring size you need in our store, its production time would take up to three weeks.

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  • Silver Ring “Family of Four”

    • This is the world for the family of four – it’s cozy and safe here. Reluctant to leave it, birds live together in the comfort of their small world – oval, symbolic, like an egg.
    • Polished sterling silver or 18K gold.
    • Gold is available in rose or yellow colors.
    • White sections of the gold ring are plated with rhodium.
    • Handcrafted with love and care.
    • Measurements: ring’s width (section with birds) – 3 cm.

    Production time could take up to four weeks, if the ring or your size was not available in our store at the moment.

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  • Wedding Rings “Little Grass”

    • Wedding rings Little Grass are both a firm and a gentle base underfoot.
    • Solid and excellent in everyday 14K gold.
    • Handmade.
    • The color of gold can be chosen, as can the stones – different stones can give meaning to important occasions in the meadow of life.
    • The stylish, well-thought-out and delicate width of the rings makes them exceptional, and the hand-engraving is luxurious. The rings will go well with other jewelry, will be everyday, will become a “noticeably unnoticeable” ear line on the finger.
    • Dimensions: ring width 2 mm.
    • Weight: ~ 1.10 g.

    When beauty lies in simplicity.

    We probably don’t have these rings in your size at the moment, their production would take up to three weeks. The price of the ring changes depending on the chosen gemstone (or a combination thereof) – it must be agreed before ordering. (You can choose: diamonds – black or white, sapphires, emeralds or rubies.)

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  • Gold Wedding Rings “Starry”

    • Wedding rings Starry, their meaning is the dream stars gathered together and the life script is woven from them.
    • A combination of white and rose 14K gold.
    • Handmade.
    • Dimensions: ring width 7 mm.
    • Weight: ~ 7.10 g.

    If we were to not currently have the size of the ring you ordered in our online store at the moment, its production would take up to three weeks.

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  • Gold Wedding Rings “Gardens”

    • Our most special (in the photo – yellow gold) wedding rings. Not because they are “different,” but because they are full of the most beautiful meanings, comfortable, and mundane. Yes, yes – it is suitable for dresses, suits and jeans. To today and to tomorrow.
    • Gold 18K color can be selected. Like a ring with or without a diamond. The size of the diamond in the photo in the photo is 0.02 ct.
    • Handmade.
    • Dimensions: ring width 8 mm.
    • Weights: ~ 8.22 g. and ~ 6.88 g.

    Gardens“, where there are many trees dear to us, but only one is – THAT only one.

    If we were to not currently have the size of the ring you ordered, its production will take up to five weeks.

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  • Wedding Rings “Birds of Paradise”

    • Wedding Rings Birds of Paradise – Because They Are Really Happy In Paradise Together!
    • Two-tone 18K gold.
    • In the center of the woman’s ring is a diamond.
    • Handmade.
    • Dimensions: width – 7 mm.
    • Weights: ~ 10.16 g. and ~ 11.49 g. (depending on ring size);
    • The inside of the rings is slightly convex, so they fit snugly to the fingers.
    • The price is of a single unit – you can select it with or without a diamond.

    Special & original design of Jurga Lago.

    After ordering the Birds of Paradise, their production, testing and certification of the diamond will take up to five weeks. A broader and more poetic description of the rings can be found below.

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  • Silver Pendant “Starry Cross”

    • Silver pendant Star cross.
    • Every cross is different.
    • Created by hand.
    • Sterling silver, 14K rose gold bubbles. The handcrafting is especially emphasized by the asymmetrical and deliberately chaotic stars ornamentation.
    • Bubbles – golden and solid – no gilding.
    • Dimensions: length 18 mm – width 14 mm.
    • You can choose the original package-stand suitable for the cross (photo below).

    It can be made of silver alone, or adorned with gold – a symbolic and delicate, hand-hammered and polished surface with small shining stars.

    If we were to not have a Starry Cross in our YURGA online store today, it would take four to five weeks to produce. Select the desired combination of the cross’ materials. A more detailed and beautiful description can be found below.

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  • Wedding Rings “Runes”

    • Wedding rings Runes: a stylized design, classical and solid character.
    • Materials: 18K gold. The gold’s color can be chosen.
    • Handcrafted.
    • This ring features a thick gold “plate”, thus it can be decorated with a gemstone of your choice: a diamond, sapphire or emerald… As the years go by, to commemorate important events.
    • Dimensions: Width – 6 mm.
    • Weights (inexact, due to the handcrafted nature of these rings): ± 8,72 g. to 10,11 g.

    Testifying eternity.

    Production time could take up to five weeks, if these rings or your sizes are not available in store at the moment.

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  • Wedding Rings “Grass”

    • Because a grass meadow – both firm and gentle base underfoot, and full of colorful flowers – fun and rich in memories.
    • Solid and great in everyday life 14K gold.
    • Gold color can be selected: white, yellow, pink.
    • Over the years, on the occasion of beautiful holidays, these wedding rings can be decorated with precious stones: diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires or other stones worthy of memories.
    • The price is indicated for one ring – without stone, or with one stone (gemstone can be chosen).
    • Inside, the rings are comfortably convex.
    • Handmade, so each pair of Grass wedding rings will be unique, different from the others, because the engraving is also done by hand.
    • Dimensions: ring width 4 mm.
    • Ring size diamond in the photo: 0.015 ct.
    • Weights: ~ 3.95 g. & ~ 4.38 g.

    Restrained luxury.

    Rings’ Grass production, testing and certification will take up to four weeks. A more detailed description can be found below.

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  • Ring “Family of Three”

    • The Ring Family of Three is a symbol of a cozy life in threes, when it is good to be together in a small, safe world.
    • For those who cherish each other and always come home… birds.
    • The ring can be made of polished sterling silver or 18K gold.
    • The color of gold can be chosen – pink or yellow?
    • The surface of the white gold ring is coated with rhodium.
    • Bird holes can be decorated with diamonds – black or white (0.01 ct).
    • Dimensions: ring width (place with birds) – 2.5 cm.

    If we were to not have the ring size you needed in the store, its production time would take up to four weeks.

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  • Earrings “Blooming”

    • Classic shapes, symmetrical and elegant, created by combining matte and polished precious metal surfaces.
    • Luxury contrasts with a simple drawing.
    • Bold, elegant, modern … a classic.
    • Matte sterling silver, decorated with polished rose 14K gold, sapphires, blue topazes or zircons – stones can be selected when ordering individually.
    • Earrings are handmade, so each pair of them is a bit different and in it all their value and beauty.
    • Gold details – solid and massive – no gilding.
    • Dimensions: 18 mm;
    • The indicated price is for a pair of earrings.

    Perfectly asymmetrical and enchanting symmetry! The triumph of handmade, sensitivity & subtlety.

    If we were to not have the Flowering earrings in our online store, the production and certification of the earrings will take up to four weeks. A more detailed description can be found below.

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  • Pendant “Blooming”

    • The symmetrical, classic pendant is a “noticeably invisible”, restrained and solid piece of jewelry.
    • Handmade.
    • Matte silver (925).
    • Decorated with polished, solid, solid gold (585).
    • Blue sapphire (topaz can also be chosen).
    • Hangs on a classic silver or gold chain. The beauty of the jewelry is perfectly revealed by hanging it on a silk ribbon or a necklace of beads.
    • Size: about 20mm-13mm.
    • Each Flowering is unique because it is done absolutely by hand.

    If we were to not have the Blooming pendant in our online store at the moment, it will take up to four weeks to make. Combined with Blooming earrings (pictured below).

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