• Silver and Gemstone Brooch “Faust”

    • Handwork only. Therefore, every interpretation of Faust will be singular, unique, always different. This is the whole beauty of creation, its whole meaning!
    • The surface of the brooch is created using a special, YURGA’s favorite, flamed sterling silver technique.
    • The bird is a stylized, archetypal shape reminiscent of a child’s drawing. In this way, the poetic meaning is given a modern, timeless “clothing”.
    • Decorated with solid gold details. No gold plating, just solid, rose and contrasting 14K gold.
    • Assorted gems: with emeralds, two rubies, an opal, three optimistic, sunny lemons, and four dark, blue sapphires! Different methods of grinding gemstones are combined – cabochons and faceting.

    One of the most iconic YURGA pieces of jewelry!

    If we didn’t have a Faust brooch in our online store today, his creation would take five weeks. A more detailed description is below.

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  • Gold Ring “Spring”

    • A unique, fabulous solution that follows a beautiful story.
    • Only handmade, so it is impossible to create two identical rings and that gives it all of its meaning and beauty!
    • When ordered individually, the gold color of the ring can be chosen as well as the gemstones.
    • Solid 14K gold.
    • This Spring is decorated with clear diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires.
    • The ring has no “bad side” – its entire surface is visually rich.
    • The Spring is valuable in that it does not imitate faceless classics – it is probably so characteristic, exclusive and artistic that it claims to become one itself.
    • Combines matte and polished gold surfaces.
    • When ordering a ring, its price would change from the 19th size.

    Artistic, rich and at the same time hilariously playful jewelry. Protecting history in its time as well as its worth.

    The Spring ring would be created only by individual order. Its production and creative process will take up to six weeks.

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  • Amulet “Mom & Kiddo”

    • A heart that protects a cozy home, memories and life.
    • Two-sided composition: looks great on both sides, but the idea is for the bird to fit close to the mother’s chest.
    • Handmade. Therefore, each pendant (arrangement of gems) will be a little different – that’s all the beauty!
    • Gold 18K (750 fineness).
    • Diamonds ~ 0.06 ct, rubies ~ 0.04 ct and sapphires ~ 0.36 ct.
    • Pendant weight ~ 1.59 g.
    • Heart width ~ 10 mm, height ~ 15 mm. Birdie ~ 9 x 4 mm.
    • A decorative, delicate and comfortable hook that can accommodate one or two more birds, creating a whole beautiful “bouquet”.
    • The price of the pendant is indicated with one small bird (with a diamond in the hole). He is in the picture, close to his heart.
    • The chain must be chosen separately (organza ribbon, silk cord is also perfect). A chain donated by my grandmother would also be ideal for an amulet (three generations would be symbolically combined in one composition).
    • The composition includes Mom and Baby and the Gold Pendant Small Brilliant Bird But if you want to choose it, write to us in the comments to adapt the hanging ring. (We attach a photo of this pendant below, the section “also fits.” The Brilliant Small Bird was photographed here and on our little model.

    Classic, meaningful and time-resistant design.

    If we were to not have our Mom and Kiddo amulet in the YURGA online store today, it would take about two months to produce.

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  • Gold Brooch “Family of Five”

    • Decoratively openworked, playfully serious, impressively mundane.
    • It is small, so it is perfect for all occasions – both celebrations and a beautiful everyday wardrobe.
    • Handmade.
    • In the middle – blue aquamarine.
    • Colored sapphires in bird spouts.
    • Combines two colors of 18K polished gold.

    Nice luxury. Stylish simplicity. Colorful serenity.

    The brooch is handmade, so without it available at the YURGA online store, the production would take about two months. It is possible to individualize it – to choose gems, to subtly change the composition and the number of birds (in this case, the price would also change). Each time the brooch will be somewhat different because making two identical and identical ones is impossible and pointless.

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  • Brooch with Gemstones “Sun Drop”

    • Classic and delicate, modern together.
    • Handmade.
    • Oval, clear aquamarine.
    • Three pink tourmalines.
    • Yellow, imperial topaz.
    • White polished 18K gold, combined with the same rose gold birds.
    • The brooch is cozy and small, so it is not only meaningful and luxurious, but also very practical.
    • Approximate brooch dimensions:
      Width – 22 mm.
      Height – 34 mm.
    • Fun, stylish and at the same time classic. Luxurious, artistic but full of beautiful meaning.

    If we do not have Sun Drop in our online store today, the production of the brooch will take about a month – it is necessary to note that each brooch is handmade, so it is unique, somewhat different and original.

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  • Pendant “Found Star”

    • Found Star – in the unity of subtlety and luxury, when simple everyday life and the widest human wings are combined – a dream. This is how it is found, understood, calmed down.
    • Drop-shaped clear aquamarine – agile and “alive”.
    • Red tourmaline cabochon.
    • Rose gold 18K;
    • The chain must be chosen separately – in the photo we suggested combining the rose gold pendant with the white gold chain.
    • 100% handmade.

    Pendant Found Star – ideal for storing memories, awakening dreams, inspiring confidence.

    If we were to not have this amazing piece of ours in the YURGA online store at the moment, it will take about a month to produce it. We must note that each time the pendant will be somewhat different, as every unit is made absolutely by hand. The characteristics of the stones and the weight of the jewelry can also vary slightly.

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  • Gold Earrings “Soft Rain”

    • Handmade earrings designed for everyday luxury.
    • The subtle, contrasting and elegant colors of the two gemstones are combined.
    • Green tourmaline cabochons (3.90 ct.; 0.60 g.)
    • Pink faceted, polished morganites (2.40 ct.; 0.35 g.)
    • White polished 18K gold;
    • Approximate weight of the pair of piercings – 3.90 g.
    • Elegant, comfortable piercing length – 250 mm when shiny morganite droplets “catch” the look.
    • Handmade clasps.
    • Price indicated for a pair of earrings.

    Amazingly simple in its design, adorned with YURGA birds, a luxurious composition of piercings with its own materials.

    If we didn’t have a Soft Rain pair in our online store today, their production time would be up to five weeks. Since each pair of earrings is done by hand, each will be slightly different – with different weights and gemstone mass. 

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  • Aquamarine and Pink Tourmaline Earrings “Rose Rain”

    • Rose 750K gold earrings designed for a beautiful everyday.
    • Handmade.
    • Unique, special, where the essential accent are the subtly matched precious, unique gemstones.
    • Pink, smooth tourmaline cabochons (7.20 ct.; 1.30 g.)
    • Blue, faceted (ground) aquamarines (1.60 ct.; 0.30 g.)
    • Polished, hanging little birds decorated with white diamonds (0.03 ct. SI);
    • Robust handmade piercing clasps.
    • Preliminary weight of a pair of piercings (approximately) – 5.60 g.
    • Earring length: 32 mm.
    • Price indicated for a pair of earrings.

    Classic and playful at the same time. Sympathetic, delicate length, solid compositions.

    If we were to not have the Rose Rain earrings in our YURGA online store at the moment, it will take up to five weeks to manufacture, test and certify the gemstones. Since each pair of earrings is made by hand, each pair of them will differ slightly, subtly: theirs total weight, along with the weight of the stones.

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  • Brooch “You” with Gemstones

    • The main character of the brooch is a symbolic, cheerful bird.
    • Delicate rose 18K gold.
    • Aquamarine, pink tourmaline and white diamond in a bird’s eye (0.01ct);
    • Aquamarine: 1.65ct
    • Pink drop of tourmaline: 1.25ct
    • 100% handmade.

    Delicate, authentic and at the same time meaningful YURGA design.

    If we were to not have a brooch in our e-shop today, it will take about two months to produce it (especially cutting and grinding). The brooch is created by hand, so it will be a little different each time, maintaining its essential proportions. When ordering individually, you can choose the color gold (white, pink, or yellow).

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  • Earrings with Gemstones “Golden Couple”

    • Elegant, hanging and classic. Fun and stylish together.
    • Designed and made by hand.
    • Rose 18K gold.
    • “English”, comfortable clasps.
    • Precious stones: two aquamarines (3.85 ct), ~ 8mm diameter,
    • Pink tourmalines (0.50ct), ~ 4mm diameter,
    • Dark green, drop-shaped tourmalines (2.95ct), 14mm length;
    • Two diamonds in bird holes (C-VS2) ~ 0,03ct;
    • The indicated price is for a pair of earrings.

    When the classics flirt, joke and have fun, turning into a cozy modernity.

    If we were to not have the Golden Couple earrings in our online store, it will take up to five weeks to produce, hallmark and certify them. More poetic description – below.

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  • Gold Earrings with Precious Stones “Sunny Drops”

    • Composition of handmade dangling earrings.
    • White 18K gold.
    • Delicate, light blue tourmalines (cabochons), (5 ct.; 1.04 g.)
    • Clear, faceted (imperial yellow), drop-shaped topaz, (4.55 ct.; 0.85 g.)
    • Elegant piercing length.
    • Handmade clasps,
    • The indicated price is for a pair of earrings.

    Elegant, delicate and at the same time playful composition that will not leave unnoticed eyes. At the same time everyday, cozy and artistic.

    If we were to not have the earrings in our e-shop today, it would take up to five weeks to make them. Because the earrings are absolutely handmade, each pair will be slightly different – maintaining the composition, proportions and length, but may vary slightly in weight and gemstone characteristics.

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  • Yellow Gold Ring with Precious Stones “Sow”

    • Sow Your Own Gem Garden!
    • Yellow 18K gold.
    • Various gemstones: rubies and sapphires and diamonds.
    • When ordering individually, the number of birds and the gems you like can be selected.
    • Product weight: ~ 8.66 g.
    • Handmade.

    A tale of communion, growth and love.

    If we were to not have the ring in our online store today, it will take about two months to manufacture, hallmark and certify it. A broader and more meaningful sowing description can be found below.

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  • Gold Ring “Poppy” with Gemstones

    • Delicate, rich in meaning and visually classic ring shape.
    • Rose 18K gold.
    • When ordering individually, the gold color of the ring can be chosen: pink (pictured), white, or yellow.
    • In the center – a dark, blue (0.03 ct.) sapphire.
    • Twelve (0.07 ct.) white diamonds “sprinkled” around the shining poppies.
    • Product (approximate) weight: ~ 3.5 g.
    • Every time something changes, depending on the size of the finger and because
    • The ring is handmade.

    Meaningful, elegant & classic ring.

    If we were to not have the required size of Poppy in YURGA e-shop today, the production, hallmarking and certification of the ring will take about 6 weeks. A more detailed description is given below.

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  • Individual Family Ring “Garden”

    • A ring created by an individual family order – with specific details composed only for these people.
    • Two different textures – highlighting each other, combining matte and polished white gold.
    • 14K gold.
    • Blue sapphire and a diamond for each ring tree.
    • The inside of the ring is convex in a comfortable “comfort zone”.
    • 100% handmade.

    Rich in meaning, delicate compositions, meaningful & artistic solution. The work is resistant to changes in fashion and style.

    Individual jewelry is created for specific people, according to specific orders.

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  • Gold Ring with Precious Gemstones “Runes”

    • The ring is decorated with fun, colorful and perfectly matched gemstones.
    • Handmade.
    • The ring is perfect for both woman and man. Ideal as a wedding ring, which can be decorated with different gemstones, marking important sections of life, occasions or events.
    • Yellow 18K gold (when ordering individually, the color of gold can be chosen – yellow, white and pink);
    • Runes will be chameleonically compatible with other jewelry, suitable for all occasions of life, with a wide range of wardrobe, mood and colors.
    • Preliminary weight – about 8g;
    • Precious stones: rubies, emeralds, sapphires, diamonds – a total of 14 gemstones.

    A rich, luxurious, yet at the same time fun & stylish ring.

    When ordered individually, the production and testing of the ring along the certification of the gemstones will take up to four weeks. A more detailed description can be found below.

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  • Openwork Handmade Golden Heart

    • Stylized gold ‘lace’ – intricate, meticulous and authentic handmade.
    • Deliberately chosen correctly – an irregular form.
    • The heart is designed for a specific family.
    • Rose 18K gold;
    • Precious stones: rubies, emeralds, sapphires.
    • In the center – a great family sapphire – a family heritage.
    • A hand-embroidered and sewn silk ribbon is matched to the jewelry.

    Restrained luxury & modern classics.

    A slightly broader description of the Heart can be found below. The creation and execution of jewelry took almost a year.

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  • Silver and Gold Pendant “Family of Five”

    • Cozy, symbolic – to be together – jewelry.
    • A surface created by YURGA‘s favorite silver processing technique (using flaming to form its unique pattern).
    • Each bird has a colorful gemstone.
    • Emerald, ruby, blue sapphire, white and black diamonds.
    • Because the jewelry is created by hand, it will be different, unique and special (one of a kind) each time. It is impossible to create two identical, identical pendants, and all the beauty in it!
    • You can choose a silver chain, velvet ribbon, or silk cord for the pendant.

    Symbolic, artistic & meaningful piece of jewelry.

    Pendant production would take up to five weeks. Sometimes we have it in our YURGA online store, but most of the time we have to produce it, so it is possible to change the arrangement of the birds (taking into account the customer’s wishes) as well as the gemstones can be selected.

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  • Golden Bracelet “Flock of Birds”

    • Cozy yet serious piece.
    • Solid 14K gold;
    • Ordering individually, the gold’s color can be selected: white, rose or yellow;
    • Gemstones can also be selected: diamond, emerald, sapphire or ruby;
    • The price shown is for a flock of three birdies, however the flock’s size can also be changed (the price would alter accordingly);
    • A magnificent Japanese cord of great colors, pick your favorite: chocolate brown, dark green, gray, wine & soft cocoa colored.

    Subtle, for your everyday: meaningful & also elegant.

    The bracelet “Flock of Birds”  is made only for individualized orders. Every piece is different, unique, singular. Contact with us – we will arrange your ideal, happy and stylish variant, special for You.

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  • One-Of-A-Kind Pendant “Summer Clouds (II)”

    • Custom, unique piece reminiscent of a small graphic artwork or cute silver illustration.
    • Handcrafted.
    • When you order your own Summer Clouds, we will send you the one and only version of the pendant, with the selected materials and stones.
    • Silver, gold ( 14K).

    Creation, production, and certification of the pendant will take up to two months.  Let’s coordinate the details!  See below for a more detailed description. 

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  • Gold Family Amulet

    • A unique and original piece of jewelry resistant to changes of time and fashion.
    • Handcrafted.
    • It is possible to make a custom pendant, select the gold and gemstones.
    • Designer – Jurga Lago.
    • Gold 18K, diamonds & ruby.
    • Goes well with gold chains of different colors, or organza ribbon.

    Symbolic and beautiful story.  Lasting value and exceptional design.

    Production will take up to five weeks if we were to not have the Family Amulet in our YURGA store today.  A more detailed description can be found below.

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  • Family Amulet “Felicidad”

    • Pendant, meant for a mother and child. Two parts, once separated, create two beautiful tales from one story.
    • Unique, hand made piece of jewelry.
    • Created according to individual orders for a concrete family.
    • Oxidized, hammered silver, polished rose gold (14K) and gemstones.

    Each Heart is unique – each different.

    Thus – we can boldly say – one of a kind !
    Can be hanged on a chain, as well as an organza strip or ribbon. Or gal maybe a hand-sewn silken ribbon, with your name’s initials?

    If we were to not have the Felicidad amulet in our store at the moment, the production time for this pendant can take up to five weeks. Further description can be found below. 

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  • Gold Pendant “Heart With Diamonds”

    • Creator of meaning for love – a true amulet, if such a thing can even exist, then today it is in front of your eyes!
      Two hearts: a tiny one – for the daughter and a big one, which fits so much in it that our eyes could never embrace! It’s a story of a mother’s love, and the voluminous wonder that is a mom’s heart. While the daughter grows, mom wears a double hearted pendant, and when fateful the time comes – to give a part of the mother’s love to her daughter, who’s leaving home, then the mother will present her daughter with the smaller heart!
    • A special story with an enduring value.
    • Handcrafted with love and care. Each Heart is different.
    • 18K gold, encrusted with diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds.
    • Measures: 20 mm. x 30 mm.
    • Pendant’s overall weight: ± 4.26 g.

    When ordering this pendant, it is necessary to contact us and discuss its stones, gold color, chain – at the moment we can have one of the variations of this special  piece in our store, but to order a personalized piece, the production time would take around two months. More about this Heart – below.

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  • Pendant “Birdie with Gemstone”

    • Pendant Bird with Gemstone – like the height of intoxicating, designed to please the eye and heart.
    • Twinkles out of beauty because it has a polished mirror surface that reflects light.
    • Suitable for a silver chain or bead necklace (options below);
    • Sterling silver & gemstone.
    • You can choose with other gemstones: ruby, sapphire, emerald or garnet.
    • Handmade.
    • Dimensions:
      Length – 12 mm.
      Width – 30 mm.

    Meaningful, handmade jewelry.

    If we were to not have the Birdie in our YURGA online store at the moment, we will produce it within four weeks of ordering.

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  • Wedding Rings “Runes”

    • Wedding rings Runes: a stylized design, classical and solid character.
    • Materials: 18K gold. The gold’s color can be chosen.
    • Handcrafted.
    • This ring features a thick gold “plate”, thus it can be decorated with a gemstone of your choice: a diamond, sapphire or emerald… As the years go by, to commemorate important events.
    • Dimensions: Width – 6 mm.
    • Weights (inexact, due to the handcrafted nature of these rings): ± 8,72 g. to 10,11 g.

    Testifying eternity.

    Production time could take up to five weeks, if these rings or your sizes are not available in store at the moment.

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  • Golden Pendant “Tree of Life”

    • Fabulous, symbolic and rich jewelry.
    • Handmade, unique jewelry.
    • Made of 14K rose gold and pink and green tourmalines.
    • It can be hung on a gold chain, or a hand-embroidered silk ribbon.
    • Diameter: 40 mm.

    Meaningful history & timeless design by Jurga Lago;

    A more detailed description can be found below.

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  • Pendant “Totem”

    • A hint at old, Indian signs and dream traps that hold back the most beautiful dreams that protect and nurture your master. This is about youth, health, about “protection” that can detain, not release and preserve them.
    • Gold plated with rhodium.
    • When ordered individually, the pendant can also be made of yellow or rose 18K gold.
    • Sapphires and diamonds.
    • Can be hung on a gold chain, silk ribbon or hand-embroidered ribbon.
    • Dimensions: 35 mm. – 20 mm.

    Handmade, unique design and masterful work by Jurga Lago.

    A more detailed description of the Totem can be found below.

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  • Pendant “Blooming”

    • The symmetrical, classic pendant is a “noticeably invisible”, restrained and solid piece of jewelry.
    • Handmade.
    • Matte silver (925).
    • Decorated with polished, solid, solid gold (585).
    • Blue sapphire (topaz can also be chosen).
    • Hangs on a classic silver or gold chain. The beauty of the jewelry is perfectly revealed by hanging it on a silk ribbon or a necklace of beads.
    • Size: about 20mm-13mm.
    • Each Flowering is unique because it is done absolutely by hand.

    If we were to not have the Blooming pendant in our online store at the moment, it will take up to four weeks to make. Combined with Blooming earrings (pictured below).

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  • Gold Ring “Promenade”

    • A ring with three birds: for the birth of a baby, an engagement, a wedding, or maybe just a walk…
    • Handmade.
    • 18K gold & four diamonds (0.06 ct total).
    • Dimensions: ring’s width 4 mm.
    • Weight: ~ 5.85 g. (varies from exhaustion).

    Discreet luxury.

    If we were to not have the required size of the ring Promenade in our online store, its production time would take up to five weeks. A more detailed description can be found below.

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