• Black rubber cord


    Black rubber cord for pendants is strong and stylish – a perfect substitute for real leather (in our opinion, it’s even better). Sterling silver clasp.

    Available lengths: 38; 42; 45 cm.

    Production time could take up to two weeks, if these cords are not available in store at the moment.

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  • Golden Chain Rolo

    • A chain that’s soft yet of elegant weaving.
    • 38 cm. or 42 cm. length.
    • White, rose or yellow gold.
    • 18K Gold;
    • Weight: up to ~ 1.14 g. – 1.27 g.;

    Round ringed, subtle and classical weaving, named ROLO.

    The production time for this chain could take up to four weeks, if it would currently be unavailable in our online store. Further description can be found below.


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  • Rat tail chain


    Tightly woven chain.

    Sterling silver.

    Select your length.

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  • Silk cord


    Silk cord, also known as Japanese silk cord (it has a thin, flexible wire inside), is subtle, elegant and perfectly suitable for YURGA jewelry.

    Sterling silver clasp. You can choose between a silver or gold color.

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  • Silver strip


    Silver strip: great quality, luxurious accessory creating an unexpected composition with jewelry. Silver or gold (individually ordered) clasp.

    A few colors are available: dark violet-gray (as in the picture), lighter silver gray and a minty clear green.

    Strip’s width: 4 mm.
    Length can be chosen: 38, 40, 42 cm.

    Fabricated in Japan.
    Strip materials: metalized fibre (cupro) (40%), polyester (31%), viscose (24%), nylon (5%).

    Production time could take up to three weeks, if this strip is not available in store at the moment.

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