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Bracelet Big Bird


Bracelet Big Bird is created from 18K gold, embellished with a diamond (0.01 ct). It is made using a strong adjustable silk cord, so it will fit any wrist size.

Pendant dimensions: length 5 mm, width 12 mm. Pendant weight: ~0.84 g.

The bird pendant is attached securely to the bracelet but can be easily removed and turned into a pendant worn on a chain or our silk cord.  One or more pendants can be attached to the bracelet.  You can choose the color of the cord, as well as the color of the gold and the stone.  The bracelet Big Bird is subtle, radiating with simple luxury.  Handcrafted.

Production will take up to two weeks if we do not have the bracelet in our store.

Bracelet Big Bird –  when luxury can be not only subtle but playful!  No wonder the bird has a diamond eye – it is to watch proudly over this beautiful world and fly to the high sky of dreams.  It is a symbol of freedom, joy, and flight!