Asymmetric silver earrings Chamomiles


Asymmetric silver earrings Chamomiles. Polished sterling silver, decorated with gold – such composition is possible only by hand. Thus each pair of earrings can slightly differ – this gives them their value and beauty! We create jewelry, which isn’t sensitive to the changes of fashion – resistant to time, always stylish and elegant.

Materials: sterling silver, rose gold (14K)

Dimensions: small – about 10 mm; larger – about 15 mm.
Price shown is for a pair.

Production time could take up to two weeks, if these earrings are not available in store at the moment.

Asymmetric silver earrings Chamomiles – created to be noticeable, however also attractive and an accent to an everyday outfit.

These pieces are handcrafted, the gold bubbles – solid.
They will never rub away of change. Chamomiles – a “chaotic” drawing – cheeky, lively and herbal. Reminding of a childhood drawing, when the spell of “he-loves-me, he-loves-me-not” was but a fun game.

A subtle and authentic composition with a playful character.