Puošnūs dideli auskarai Laurel

Big Decorative Earrings Laurel


Decorative big earrings Laurel, created not only for festivities – they will perfectly fit everyday use. Comfortable, attractive and elegant. Handcrafted, thus each pair will be slightly different, that’s what gives them beauty!

A fancy torch burned silver surface, blackened with oxidation, to better expose the graphic laurel leave wreath design.

A single earring’s dimensions are about 20 mm x 40 mm, and their weight – about 8 g.
There is also an option of Laurel earrings decorated with gold bubbles (The price differs).

Production time could take up to three weeks, if these earrings are not available in store at the moment.

Silver 925Silver 925Silver 925Silver 925 & Gold 14KSilver 925 & Gold 14KSilver 925 & Gold 14K

Decorative big earrings Laurel. Created from the motif of a laurel wreath, symbolizing a path to glorious success. Upon inspection, their impressive writings appears as a graphic and subtle drawing, although the earrings apparent simplicity, thus perfectly fitting an everyday environment. Their form unites all elements under one round wreath and all elements create a beautiful synergy.

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