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Black Amber Bracelet for Men


  • Necklace with symbolic material, stylish and minimalistic design – a piece for everyday and a great gift.
  • Natural Baltic amber and silver.
  • Individual design and size.

The production time could take up to three weeks if this black amber bracelet would be unavailable in our online store at the moment. Further description – below.

Black Amber Bracelet for Men – not only stylish and elegant but also a meaningful object. It’s said that one of the semantic meanings for the Lithuanian word gintaras (amber) has originated from the word ginti (to protect). The most symbolic of materials and gift for any Lithuanian or anyone who loves Lithuania.

Carefully selected matte, dark Baltic amber – a key material of this bracelet, or maybe just a background, which we supplement according to your wishes – most commonly it’s a hanged initial – a handcrafted selected letter, or maybe – a few letters, or signs? This bracelet can be selected with the great black (matte) amber, according to your order it can also be polished. Next to the clasp a tiny silver birdie will cozily rest, almost unnoticeable .

This bracelet of ours is part of the YURGA Baltic amber collection.