Juodųjų perlų vėrinys su paukščio užsegimu
Juodųjų perlų vėrinys su paukščio užsegimu

Black Pearl Necklace with a Bird Clasp


The classics together with modernity in their most apparent form! The necklace’s clasp can be an accent too by hooking it up front (thus regulating the length can be regulated). However, just like in the Japanese tradition, you can wear it “silently” by hooking the clasp on your back.

Cultured, natural dark pearls. Sterling silver clasp, decorated with a gold (14K) eye.

Necklace length: 55 cm.
Pearls’ diameter: 9 – 10 mm.

Production time could take up to two weeks, if this necklace is not available in store at the moment.

Black pearl necklace with bird clasp is a classic, speaking the language of contemporary design – this shiny dark pearl necklace is subtly combined with a polished and rough bird made of flamed silver, which to the careless eye will look more like a traditional flower. The real beauty of this necklace is in its ability to be anything – highly decorative and very ordinary, inconspicuous and accentuated, very traditional and subtly modern, very much like dark pearls are today.