Sidabrinė apyrankė Draugystė su dviem paukščiukais
Sidabrinė apyrankė Draugystė su trimis paukščiukais
Sidabrinė Apyrankė Draugystė
Sidabrinė Apyrankė Draugystė

Bracelet Friendship


It is a meaningful, securely enclosed and seemingly simple world!  You can choose how many birds it can fit – two, three or four.

Polished sterling silver. Handmade.

Production time could take up to two weeks, if this bracelet or your size is not available in store at the moment.


Bracelet Friendship is just like in life – two great buddies, two sisters, two soulmates can be friends. However, its form – the enclosed “ring” of the bracelet – could also be a symbol of a safe and cozy home, intimacy and that eternal mystery called love.

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