Bracelet True LOVE


Bracelet True Love is an elegant piece of jewelry meant for every day, telling a beautiful story and preserving memories.

The pair of birds are guarding one heart as if they were growing one flower together.  Their surface is decorated using our exceptional, favorite surface treatment technique – melting it using fire, then polishing it – a technique mastered only by the experienced jewelers.

Silver 925 or Gold 14K.  Comfortable synthetic cord and four glass beads.  The length is adjustable.

Production time could take up to three weeks if this bracelet is not available in our store at the moment.

Rose Gold 14KRose Gold 14KRose Gold 14KSilver 925Silver 925Silver 925White Gold 14KWhite Gold 14KWhite Gold 14KYellow Gold 14KYellow Gold 14KYellow Gold 14K

Bracelet True Love: “true love is like a true friendship, only embraces are stronger!  Yes, it lasts more than three years. And it is not like the one discovered by the rascal F. Beigbeder.  It likes to dream about the beautiful tomorrow, understanding that today is still more valuable.  There are multiple ways to measure love, but none measures better than the ordinary life – how many cups of tea were brought to bed, for example, or how long the telephone calls last.  Real love knows it is real, it does not need any proof…”

This is only a part of the wonderful text that will be written on the package for the True Love bracelet!