Sidabrinė Grandinėlė Herbarium
Sidabrinė Grandinėlė Herbarium

Silver Chain Herbarium


A never wilting bouquet is meaningful and, perhaps, holding our memories. To collect your own plants and wear a differing wreath every day, depending on your mood, season, or dress style – this is the idea behind our Herbarium collection!

So far, we have gathered laurel leaves, oak leaves, rose petals, amber, coral and pearl berries.
You can collect and attach your own Herbarium collection to this chain as you like.

Sterling silver, handmade.

Production time could take up to two weeks, if this chain is not available in store at the moment.

Chain Herbarium is created to house a collection of plants attaching them into one string, just like the most beautiful memory wreath, that can be worn every day or for special occasions, where each blossom, leaf, and berry is meaningful.