Cufflinks Fog


Cufflinks Fog – subtly elegant and full of symbolism.

Created from blackened and polished silver, adorned with smoky quartz.

As with most of YURGA pieces they are handcrafted, therefore if the cufflinks aren’t present at our shop, the production time is up to 3 weeks.

Cufflinks Fog – fog is an extraordinary, mystical veil shrouding the surroundings, immersing into tranquility, equalizing the colors, muffling the noise and submerging us into melancholic day-dreams.

The curtain of mist was always, in all cultures a phenomenon to evoke controversial emotions – fear and respect to the elusive nature, but it also invited calmness and delicacy into our lives. It is said, that the mist evokes the softest, but together hides the darkest powers…

It is easy to get lost in the fog, but… there is happiness wandering in there. Once you reach a bright clearing, life will always seem more beautiful – that is why our cufflinks are decorated with uneven sunbeams. They are round, in a shape of a slightly imperfect circle (sun), which symbolizes your own, safe and personal space – its tranquility and light. It is important to emphasize handcrafting – only fire can achieve such a soft, blackened silver surface.