Cufflinks Retro


Cufflinks Retro is a nostalgic, elegant and stylishly fashionable decoration of tomorrow!

Created from blackened, flame treated and polished sterling silver, adorned with smoky quartz.

Diameter : 14 mm.

Just as with most of YURGA pieces it is handcrafted. The production time could take up to three weeks, if these cuffs are not available in store at the moment.

Cufflinks Retro are an expression not of what’s past, but of the timeless classic! Something that is newer, better, contemporary, and brings the best of style and character from the past into the present!

Slightly wild, playful and almost ironic – these are our Retro cufflinks – even the most inattentive viewer will feel the geometry and a light touch of art nouveau in their off-center composition. Capricious fashion, touched by the power of style, loses its influence leaving behind only the essence of the object.

When nostalgic moments break a gentle smile, when memories inspire for tomorrow, when the past connects to the future with one elegant movement of a hand raising that martini glass to your lips, with The Beatles playing in the background, basking in the comfortable dusk of the evening, when everything that is strong and tested becomes the foundation of limitless and unpredictable, when you are absolutely sure – at this precise moment the past turns into a marvelous future!