Cufflinks Spring


Cufflinks Spring – a symbolic source of life and strength!

Handcrafted, so every pair will be slightly different and unique.

Dimensions: 10×20 mm

Sterling silver, gold (14K).

Takes up to two weeks to make, if the cufflinks are not available in store.

Cufflinks Spring – water is the most important element on earth maintaining life, which fills it with symbolism and myths that reached us from the antiquity. The idea behind these cufflinks is neither a chaotic, nor still, deep or dark water, but just the opposite – a gushing, moving spring full of energy, light and clarity!

It was always believed that a cold spring gushing from the depths of the earth had special powers protecting health, restoring strength and even making dreams come true!

Springs flowing from the deep were (and still are) considered magical and holy places – all cultures and religions shrouded them in mystery. Flowing water always symbolized life and was a symbol of happiness, movement, wisdom, and strength.