Earrings Blooming Birds


Earrings Blooming Birds: handcrafted from 18K gold and embellished with two rose rubies (0,08 ct). You can select the gold’s color as you order, white gold will be coated with rhodium.

Earrings Blooming Birds are fancy, yet subtle, created by hand for an opulent evening and a fresh morning.

Measurements: Length – 4 cm. ; Circle’s diameter – 1 cm.
These earrings are unique by how you can detach the little legs, covered in bubbles and rubies – they become small birdies right next to your ear.

Production time could take up to three weeks, if these earrings are not available in store at the moment.

Rose Gold 18KRose Gold 18KRose Gold 18KWhite Gold 18KWhite Gold 18KWhite Gold 18KYellow Gold 18KYellow Gold 18KYellow Gold 18K

Earrings Blooming Birds: like when nature smells of spring – green, blossoming and singing with all of those birds’ voices! Spring reaches its blooming peak when all the traveling birds come home. From that moment on, the birds become witnesses to the new, unseen beginning, when you understand that the best things are still ahead!

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