Earrings Cacti


Earrings Cacti are created to be noticed.

Created from sterling silver and rose gold (14K), whilst the cactus “blossom”, fitted with a gemstone, our selection includes: diamonds, garnets, fianites, cubic zirconium. If you wish, any other gemstone of your preference can be fitted into piece (in this case the price may vary).

Handcrafted with great skill and love .

Bigger earring – 17 mm. in diameter ;
Smaller earring – 11 mm. in diameter.

Production time could take up to two weeks, if these earrings are not available in our store at the moment.

Green fianiteGreen fianiteGreen fianiteRed fianiteRed fianiteRed fianiteRed GarnetRed GarnetRed GarnetTopazeTopazeTopazeZirconiaZirconiaZirconia

Earrings Cacti are cute, visually sharp, asymmetrical and as if talking to each other, where the little one says, “you are more beautiful”, and the big one says reassuringly, “often, there is more beauty in little cacti – the big ones have more prickles – but both are blooming and both are needed!”

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