Auskarai Essence
Auskarai Essence

Earrings Essence


Earrings Essence: subtle, yet noticeable.

Hand hammered Sterling Silver, with cozily resting golden birdies (14K).

Dimensions: S size – 1 cm. diameter ; L size – 2 cm. diameter.

Production time could take up to two weeks, if these earrings are not available in store at the moment.


Earrings Essence – it’s a collection of jewelry created to show our lives their essence, so our values live on forever. Sometimes, that what is seen isn’t what truly matters, but life’s entirety is composed of a myriad tiny and very important details. In perfumery – Essences are the most important aromatic detail, utilized to reveal an aroma as soon as it touches our skin. Everything is very similar in our lives, when all matters harmonize, composed of important events, beloved people and meaningful objects. Earrings Essence – alike a strong aroma of memories, unexpectedly returning us to the most memorable experiences or events, when life’s meaning can be found in our recollections, or when a reunion with yourself becomes the key to success.

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