Earrings Falling Drop


Falling Drop are long, handcrafted, hammered silver earrings. Decorated with gold dew drops where our bird is bathing happily. That is why it turned golden!

Earrings are suitable for the evening, as well as beautiful morning, unaffected by ever-changing fashion and style. ”Recognizable“in a crowd, with a character of their own. Every pair of earrings is slightly different. Although the composition and general character of the earrings are preserved, they are not perfectly identical, as they are made entirely by hand.

Sterling silver, accentuated by contrasting rose gold (14K).

Length – 5,5 cm. ;
The lower part of the earring (little drop) is 1 cm. in length and 1,2 cm. wide.

Takes up to two weeks to make, if these earrings are not available in store at the moment.

Earrings Falling Drop – emphatically vertical composition, complete with a gold bird nesting in a clear drop – content, beautiful and safe!