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Auskarai Ežerėliai
Auskarai Ežerėliai
Auskarai Ežerėliai

Earrings Lakes


Polished, laconic and together quite fancy, reminiscing of glistering lakes, since Lithuania is the land of lakes. They look great when both of them are of the same size, or even asymmetrical!

Polished sterling silver or gold (14K).

Lakes can be of three sizes: 8 mm. ; 11 mm. ; 15 mm.

Production time could take up to three weeks, if these earrings are not available in store at the moment.


Silver Earrings Lakes are smooth and shiny, like our lakes – calm and glittering in the sun, their water clean and clear.

We created them because Lithuania is a true land of lakes – we have over 2,000 of them – so it is very symbolic to have a pair, or maybe more. They can be worn on a solid garment like a shiny mosaic – sometimes they turn into little pins, other times they serve as earrings asymmetrical or of the same shape. Great gift from Lithuania!

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