Ebony bracelet for men


Ebony bracelet for men – made of polished hardwood and sterling silver, decorated with “the center of the world” (it can be decorated with a letter or initials upon request)…
And… it’s not strictly just for men.

Traditionally its length is 20 cm.

Production time could take up to three weeks, if this bracelet is not available in store at the moment.

Ebony bracelet for men – this timber is also called hardwood. It is visually pleasant and nicely black, a beautiful natural dark color, and is most commonly used to make musical instruments and to inlay expensive furniture. It was valued everywhere at all times, just like all good things tested by time… This bracelet is decorated with a small symmetrical silver circle connected to the chain, which we call “the center of the world”. We all are centers of the world – when a baby is born it becomes a tiny center of its home and family world, later the world expands, gets bigger, and even later it gets huge and boundless, yet, when we think of it, we always remain… at the center of our giant world!