Gold Bracelet with Diamonds Wave


  • Designed for a beautiful everyday life: elegant classics and cozy subtlety. Along with a solid form suitable for everyday life and a “quiet”, meaningful composition.
  • Handmade.
  • A unique, unique piece of jewelry created by YURGA in a Spanish studio. Certified in Lithuania.
  • White gold (18K) plated with rhodium.
  • Combines two textures – soft matte and polished.
  • Diamonds: 1.35ct; G-VS1, G-VS-2, and G-RW (Lithuanian and GIA certificates);
  • Weight: 24.12 g;
  • Sturdy, secure and everyday clasp.

Original classics and gorgeous simplicity together.

The bracelet is handmade, singular and unique. Repeating, each of its replicas will be different and different. It is impossible to produce two of a kind. A more detailed description is below.

Gold Bracelet with Diamonds Wave :

Designed for a beautiful everyday life – when luxury is “visibly invisible”, it is felt in its classic composition, in the quality and choice of materials. The horizontal of the bracelet is accentuated by an elegant wave, a running graphic line and an organic and asymmetrical sprinkling of diamonds. One part of the bracelet – matte – hints to the seabed, the other – polished and shiny, like water shining in the sun. The law of diamonds – strong and useful for everyday life, when an object is created to live – to be a subtle accent and an evening star under festive lighting, but at the same time to fit perfectly into jeans and summer sun.

When the cozy, favorable wind of life blows, sails where dreams and love carry.

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