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Gold Necklace for Mom & Child Sweetest Couple


  • Gold Necklace for Mom & Child Sweetest Couple: a great talisman, very unique and most special of gifts! This piece has not just a price, but also great worth. It tells a beautiful tale, can distinguish itself from others and is also temperately luxurious, laconic and of course, serious. Created so that it protects your splendid family story: while the child is small – the mother wears both birdies, but when That fateful day comes (some nice & special occasion) the little birdie can be unpinned and become an independent, subtle pendant.
  • Handcrafted with great care.
  • 14K rose and rhodium-coated white gold.
  • Measures:
    Big bird – 20 mm. x 30 mm. ;
    Little birdie – 6 mm. x 10mm.
  • Since this gold pendant is absolutely uniquely handcrafted, each time we create it slightly different. Singular. There will not be two identical ones. The gold’s color can be selected, along with its purity and even the addition of gemstones is possible. We can add a gold chain or maybe and organza or even velvet strip? Also possible – embellish it with a luxurious, handmade monogram of your family on a silken strip.

The production time could take up to four weeks if we currently do not have this necklace in our store. Make sure to arrange all of the details with our designer!

Gold Necklace for Mom & Child Sweetest Couple:

can anything in the entire world be more beautiful, sturdy and meaningful than a connection between a mother and her child? They’ll remain together for an entire eternity: safely, cozily and happily will their common days and years pass – until one bright and important morning, when the little birdie’s wings become strong, its eyes curious and its little heart – courageous! And mommy will feel – the time has come – a beckoning call will emerge from the wide and beautiful world together with a tall and blue sky! Then will come That moment, when with a very great love the little birdie will obtain the greatest of presents – trust and freedom. He will be able to learn, fly high, understand and most important of all – he will have the freedom of choice! During that special day the little birdie of the Sweetest Couple will be unpinned and symbolically gifted to the child. So simple, little and homely. Mom’s long-guarded, warmed and worn!

Since the composition is handcrafted, each time it is produced, the piece might slightly differ. Retaining its simple and cute, cozy forms. It is created with the principle of contrast – combining luxurious materials with forms reminiscing of a child’s drawing and thus further exemplifying its creative meaning. The birds’ gold color can be selected, embellished with gemstones (diamonds, sapphires, rubies or emeralds), add a flower blossom, initials or even (if agreed upon with the designer) alter the composition’s elements. When the fateful day comes, the little birdie’s place can be taken by a great and jolly award to mom – a “blossom” of various colored gemstones.

This piece of jewelry – unique with its simplicity and enchanting with its meaning. Reminiscing more of a small piece of art, than a product!

Created only as an individual order. Together with it we can embroider a subtle yet sophisticated handmade organza and silk ribbon with the family’s ornaments and monogram. Before ordering – arrange a design, a delivery date and price.