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Gold Pendant Nest


Gold pendant Nest is an ornament for a mother and her daughter – while the little one is growing up, mother is the keeper of the Nest.  Later, when the special day comes and the little bird is encouraged to fly, mother will remain with a beautiful lacy nest where the little bird can always return!

Masterfully handcrafted from gold (18K), a double pendant, embellished with diamonds.

Can be worn on a gold chain, silken strip or a beaded necklace.

Size: 32 mm.

Production time could take up to four weeks, if this pendant is not available in our store at the moment.

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Gold pendant Nest – when a “classic” or “pretty” piece of jewelry is created, it usually has a price but no value. When it’s only a form with no content, it’s an object not a creation.

Nest is a composition meant for a mother and her daughter – while, just like a bird, the little one lives in a cozy nest under her mother’s watchful eye and loving care, this pendant is for mother to enjoy. When THE day comes and the little one turns into a beautiful strong bird ready to fly independently, mother will give her daughter a little bird pendant and send her off to fly, to rise, to be herself, to be strong, and to never forget the way home! Meanwhile, mother will be left with a gorgeous empty nest, which is now lacy, light and magnificent adornment ready to receive the little bird back into its care…

One of the most beautiful, valuable and meaningful creations by YURGA.

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