Žiedas Atradimas
Žiedas Atradimas

Gold Ring Discovery


Gold Ring Discovery – tells us about the moment when we found what is the most important in life!

25 little diamonds, embellishing the bird, inserted with the pave technique (total 0,09 ct.); a single 0,05 ct. diamond in the “seed” and a black 0,01 ct. diamond in the birdie’s eye.

The ring can be skillfully handcrafted from yellow, rose or rhodium-coated white gold (18K).

Oval part with bird – 18 mm. ;
Height – 15 mm.

Production time could take up to four weeks, if these rings or your sizes are not available in our store at the moment.

Rose Gold 18KRose Gold 18KRose Gold 18KWhite Gold 18KWhite Gold 18KWhite Gold 18KYellow Gold 18KYellow Gold 18KYellow Gold 18K

Gold Ring Discovery is about the world sometimes being so small, that one person can fill it entirely!  Although the road is often long, that decisive moment when it seems you have found the fallen star – the meaning, the exhilarating essence of life itself, essence that fits inside one little seed, one drop, one decision, one diamond — lights up everything around and becomes full of meaning!

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