Auksinis žiedas su briliantu
Auksinis žiedas su briliantu

Gold Ring with Diamond “Nest”


Gold ring with Diamond. Impressive, one of our prettiest creations. We named it “Nest”. Symbolic, rich with a symmetric, yet laconic composition and design.

Gold (18K), diamond (0,25 ct)


When ordering the ring, you can select the gold’s color between yellow, rose or rhodium-coated white.

Weight: ~ 6.45 g

Production time could take up to four weeks, if this ring or your size is not available in store at the moment.

Gold ring with Diamond has been created to give friendship, commonness and love a meaning. For this reason we called it “Nest”. The ring’s composition is superb and deceptive – observed from above, the jewel it seems only possesses a rich nest, although when observed from the side, two birds can be seen holding the stone in its place.

Exceptional design of Jurga Lago, the technique (hand-crafted) allows us to call this piece of jewelry a unique piece of art, retaining an enduring value.