Gold Wedding Rings Wind


When simplicity is achieved through complexity. Yes. Remember childhood, when we would twist wire to make dream rings, when we used to weave our childhood crowns?

Handcrafted. Photograph depicts rings made of rose gold (14K), color of gold can be chosen when placing an order.

Production time could take up to two weeks, if these rings or your sizes are not available in store at the moment.

Rose Gold 14KRose Gold 14KRose Gold 14KWhite Gold 14KWhite Gold 14KWhite Gold 14KYellow Gold 14KYellow Gold 14KYellow Gold 14K

Gold Wedding rings Wind: these particularly stylish and elegant gold rings are called Wind. They have dreams twirling inside – a dynamic composition, complex crafting technique and, most importantly, seemingly easy and casual design, reveal that the dreams are not just those of childhood, they are of the whole beautiful life!  Favorable winds accompany those who are ready to fly.

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