Rankų darbo sidabro žiedas
Rankų darbo sidabro žiedas
Rankų darbo sidabro žiedas



  • This handmade silver ring we call “Iron” due to its minimalist, monumental composition and design.  Its character is hard and restrained, it is filled with beautiful meaning and symbolism.  Polished and oxidized silver.  You can choose a silver ring adorned with polished gold, then the price will have to be determined.  Each ring is somewhat different, as it is handmade.
  • Ring width is approximately 7 mm.
  • This ring has a secret – optically it looks narrower on the front no matter from which side or angle you look.

Production will take about two weeks if the ring is not available at the store.

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The handmade silver ring “Iron” is a symbolic spiral, infinitely twisting around the oxidized blackened silver ribbon.  It is a symbol of infinity, continuity, and perfection.

Proportional, restrained, and well thought our minimalism.

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