Silver earrings Game – light like soap bubbles in the air, although impressively large, drawing curious looks, and joyful in character!  Their asymmetric composition emphasizes the desire to be noticed, and at the same time highlights originality and excellent minimalist design. Polished birds swing on the silver hoops – they are visible, they catch the light and highlight handcrafting, as these earrings can only be created by hand.

Earring length: 63 mm.

Production could take up to two weeks from the time of the order if earrings are not available in the store. It’s worth the wait!

For those who want to stand out even more – birds can be made of polished rose or yellow gold, in this case, the price will change.

Large silver earrings Game: the game is the most serious form of human learning and existence!  Let the sense of humor, light looks, and laughter lead us through life!

Plato said, “Game is the best way to learn.”

Earrings GAME belong to the Yurga Birds collection.