Vėrinys Puokštė

Necklace Bouquet


Necklace Bouquet: a subtle composition, giving meaning to the most important of life’s events and individuals!
Composition with 5 berries (can be selected), silver birdie and natural, ecologic cotton and silk cord!
This Bouquet is meant for baptisms, birthdays, all sorts of memorable events! Without a letter its price is 35 Eur.

A selected handmade letter costs 55 Eur. – 65 Eur (with three gold bubbles); made from silver and gold!

Materials: Silver, stones, ecologic cotton with silk.
Necklace length: 80 cm.

The production time could take up to three weeks if the necklace “Bouquet” is not available in our online store at the moment.

Necklace Bouquet: a playful, subtle composition with ecologic cotton & silk, silver and different stone berries.

This necklace fits not only festivities, but is also perfect for everyday, since it’s completely non-reactive to fashion, just as all good things in life. Each of the Bouquet’s berries have a meaning, every single one of them can be imbued with meaning – of someone you hold dear, events or memories. This little necklace goes perfectly with our little handmade letters, when they are bought with the necklace “Bouquet”, they are sold with a carbine, so that the letter could be hanged by yourself.