Grandinėlė su safyru ir briliantais
Grandinėlė su safyru ir briliantais



Handcrafted, 18K gold necklace with pink sapphire (0.05ct), and diamonds (0.01ct).

The necklace is handcrafted for a luxurious evening or an ordinary day – it is splendid, yet subtle. Looks great on its own, but can be worn with various pendants.

Necklace length – 40 cm. Weight ~ 8.26g.

Production could take up to four weeks if the necklace is not available in the store.

Necklace with sapphire and diamonds: shining luxury, yet subtle and demure.  It is created for any occasion whether it is a luxurious evening or a fresh morning.  A handcrafted necklace with sapphire and diamonds can be a wonderful piece by itself, without a pendant, as it is gorgeous and rich in design.