Pendant “Letter E”


  • Minimalistic, elegant and meaningful pendant.
  • A handmade silver initial, embellished with solid gold bubbles.
  • Silver & rose 14K gold.
  • Letter size: ~ 9 – 10 mm.
  • When two or more letters are chosen, they are extended so that they are all clearly visible in the overall composition.
  • Silver letters are produced only with a silver extension.

A subtle gift and pretty accent for your outfit.

A possible combination >  Diamond Silver Chain, or the original > YURGA Organza Ribbon.  Together with the letter YURGA also recommend > Pendant “The Pea”

If we were to not have the letter E pendant in our online store at the moment, it would take about three weeks to manufacture, test and certify it. A further description of this piece can be found below.

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Silver Pendant Letter E :

There isn’t a thing more individual, meaningful and joyful, than a name’s letter! Created from polished silver and embellished with solid gold “shoes”. These letters highlight their handmade nature – a peculiar “puerility”, lightness in the letters composition and character. However this specific choice imbues this piece with tranquility – its uniqueness and designer’s touch are instantly noticeable, along with the conscious choice of carefully irregular (the composition of the letter E is asymmetric itself, inviting us to this game).

A letter has in itself more meaning than any other sign or symbol.

This pendant goes perfectly on a gold or silver chain, silk cord or original YURGA colored necklaces. Multiple letters together are a great look – in this case we often make special silver or gold extensions for your selected letter. The pendant can also be worn on a bracelet, combined with YURGA necklace “Bouquet”. We have pictured the letters’ composition examples, so that it’s easier to visualize! As well – we show our hand-folded, luxuriously white and attractive letter packaging with a meaningful wish.

E letter’s size: ~ 9 – 10 mm.

Wanting to order a golden letter – its price is 180€ (14K gold; its color can be selected – white, yellow or rose). Each order – individual, made by hand, can be customized, embellished with a diamond or gemstone. Found in the picture gallery, there is a variation of two letters, meant for a mother, whose children – when grown up, are to inherit the letters. If you wish for an individualized solution – please contact us to arrange the order and price.

The letter “E” is part of the YURGA Letters collection. It fits the whole alphabet!

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