Perlų vėrinys su paukščio užsegimu
Perlų vėrinys su paukščio užsegimu

Pearl Necklace with a Bird Clasp


Pearl necklace with a bird clasp – our interpretation of what’s classic. The clasp lets you regulate a desired length – it can be turned to the front and become the main accent, or as to a Japanese tradition – turned to the back and be hidden.

Masterfully handmade from natural white cultured pearls. Embellished with a sterling silver clasp, decorated with rose gold (14K).

Each clasp subtly differs, due to their handcrafted nature, yet retaining its character and main composition.

Necklace length – 56 cm. ;
Pearl size – 6 to 7 mm.

Production time could take up to three weeks, if this necklace is not available in our store at the moment.

Pearl necklace with a bird clasp is a classic interpretation of a creation tested by time – traditional white pearl necklace – the epitome of success, elegance and perfection in many parts of the world.
Lithuania was not an exception – from the times of Barbora Radvilaitė, the beloved of Sigismund Augustus, and her love for jewelry… Even Elizabeth I, the Queen of England, was fascinated by her pearls.
Our classical white pearl necklace has been inhabited by a birdie – so secretly and subtly, that a careless eye could just miss its presence.