Pakabukas Kryželis mergaitei
Pakabukas Kryželis mergaitei

Pendant Cross for a girl


Pendant Cross for a girl is, perhaps, just a flower for a little princess, which will accompany her till she grows up and becomes a magical flower herself.

Children’s jewelry has a nice and meaningful jewelry stand and envelope. This stand is meant not only for a long-lasting memory, display, but also to heighten the happiness of gifting. As always – elegant, attractive.
Stand and envelope price – 3.50 Eur.

Skillfully handcrafted from sterling silver, decorated with a solid rose gold (14K) bubble. Can be worn on a silver, even golden chain, or a silken strip.

Measures: 14 mm.

Production time could take up to two weeks, if this pendant is not available in store at the moment.

Pendant Cross for a girl – if you are a little girl (and look a bit like a princess), this piece is created just for you!  It is meant for you to run, carefree, in the fields with a silk skirt flapping around, and afterwards happily eat colorful ice-cream with your girlfriend on a bench in the park, and to dangle your feet sitting on a chair at a festive table, and think of a wish, looking high in the sky, which will come true when the time comes….

Cross – concealed in a flower, is just like all the good things – hidden – but, if you believe, it has magical powers and keeps the little girl’s laughter safe!