Pendant Guardian of Fire


Our Guardian of Fire carries that – a symbolism of the warmth of home, love and community – so it burns until it is needed, to cozy you up in the cold, give you light in the darkness and tranquility in loneliness, together with pleasure in friendship.

Flame treated sterling silver silver decorated with gold (14K) and a beautiful polished garnet. Handcrafted utilizing authentic techniques, so each bird will be a little different.

It can be worn on a silver or gold chain, or on a silk cord.

Production time could take up to three weeks, if this pendant is not available in our store at the moment.

Pendant Guardian of Fire…

Fire has a twofold purpose – burning and warming, life giving and destructive. This bird knows and guards it, as it is a symbol of the hearth, a source of warmth and a gift from nature. A hot flame is the only natural disaster that humans can cause, but when they master it, they get closer to the gods. Ancient Balts, like many other intelligent world nations and cultures, worshiped fire, considered it holy, were scared of it, yet protected and guarded it. Our guardian of fire carries this symbolic flame of the household, love and life so it can burn as long as we need it, to feel warm in the cold, to have light in the dark, the have peaceful solitude, and happy friendship.