Gintarinis Pakabukas Medaus Diena
Baltijos Gintaro Sidabrinis pakabukas puiki dovana Pakabukas Medaus Diena

Pendant Honey Day


Pendant Honey Day? It can last lifetime if two birds tend, water and protect their home – a big tree rooting itself in love.

Sterling silver, clear cognac colored amber. Handcrafted.
Pendant goes well with silver chain or glass bead necklace. Amber measures 13 x 11 mm, ~20mm including eyelet.

Production time could take up to two weeks, if this pendant is not available in store at the moment.

Pendant Honey Day – yes, not a whole month, but a day! Honey should be savored carefully, one small spoonful at a time to last a sweet, healthy and long lifetime.

Lithuanian words “medus” (honey) and “medis” (tree) have playfully similar etymology – a strong tree of life, the perfect being, just like a worker bee, showers us with its graces as if it was mead or sweet honey. And, back in time, bees lived only in the woods!

P.S. Ancient Baltic tribes liked to combine their silver and amber pendants with blue glass beads.