Pendant Little Star


Pendant Little Star is the best gift to celebrate the new beginning… Small, silver, light, comfortable and fit for every day.

Pendant can be made with a star in the sky or a star in the grass 🙂

Can be worn on a silver chain or a cord.

Masterfully handcrafted from sterling silver.

Measures – 9 mm. in diameter.

Production time could take up to three weeks, if this pendant is not available in our store at the moment.

Pendant Little Star – once you’ve seen it, you become restless – it invites you to rise and to pick it, to enjoy its beauty forever. It won’t be an easy flight, it will be high and far, but a star will keep waiting, it will lead you and light your way until you reach it… And, perhaps, one early summer morning you will find it in the grass grazed by the morning dew. Sometimes it happens that the star lands right at our feet, like meeting your dreams – unexpected and unprepared – then you want to laugh out loud, a smile lingers on your lips all day and life is illuminated with an extraordinary promise of happiness that leads our every step…