Pendant Lucky Day


Silver pendant Lucky Day: a tiny and cute birdie, sparkling from happiness! A gift, which can store wonderful memories, its enduring value and the greatest possible amount of love!

Sterling silver, gold (585) heart and sunbeams.
Size: 15 mm.
Weight: ±1.36 g.

Can be worn with a silver or golden chain, as well as a silken or black India rubber cord.

Children’s jewelry has a nice and meaningful jewelry stand and envelope. This stand is meant not only for a long-lasting memory, display, but also to heighten the happiness of gifting. As always – elegant, attractive.
Stand and envelope price – 3.50 Eur.

Production time could take up to two weeks, if this pendant is not available in store at the moment.

Pendant Lucky Day: as the sun greets and smiles at you during the morning, as every little thing is cheerful, meaningful and heart-warming, when the prettiest flowers bloom for You, as your favorite music plays, and all of the most beloved people surround you, since the only reason for all of these feelings, beauty and tenderness is You.