Pendant May is a subtle ode to the most bountiful time of spring.

Yellow gold (14K), diamond (0.01 ct). Dimensions: 8 mm.  Weight: ~0.57g.

Goes well with the “Japanese” silk cord (see photo), bead necklace, organza ribbon, or traditional gold chain.

Handmade, therefore, you can choose a different stone (ruby, emerald, or maybe sapphire).

Production will take up to three weeks if the pendant is not available in the store.

Pendant May:  most magnificent high time of spring when the landscape is greenest when all the birds sing, and all the flowers are soaking up the sun.  It is a time of color, joy, and growth when nature is adorned with its richest crown.  Our Mayflower is small and modest, however, there is so much sunlight under the “rainbow” that it becomes the little flower’s entire world!  Full circle protects its own safe space, gentle sloping lines symbolize easy growth, and diamond in the middle – rich blooming.