Sidabrinis Pakabukas Ąžuolo Lapas
Sidabro Pakabukas Ąžuolo Lapas
Sidabro Pakabukas Ąžuolo Lapas

Pendant Oak Leaf


Pendant Oak Leaf : a symbol of power, endurance and steadfastness, as the oak itself is the ruler of all trees. Champions were crowned with wreaths made of green oak leaves, making them not only a symbol of victory, but also of dignity, respect and recognition.

Modest, yet solid and suitable for every day. Hammered silver (925). Measures 20mm x 13mm.

Marvelous on its own, it can become a part of our plant collection (plant photos below) – in that case we recommend to purchase our chain “Herbarium”.

Production time could take up to two weeks, if this pendant is not available in store at the moment.

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Pendant Oak Leaf is the most beautiful part of our Herbarium collection.

Oak is strong, durable and hard. Ancient Lithuanians believed that ancient oaks are patronized by the gods. It was worth traveling from very far to find important answers and tranquility. M. Pretorijus, historian and ethnographer of Lithuania Minor, wrote that angels were guarding old oak trees, which is not surprising — these strong trees are not afraid of winter colds – they often greet spring with their leaves still on.

Oak protects from the winds of life and uncertainty. It gives courage, especially when received as a gift from loving and friendly hands. It can brighten every day and can be soothing, reassuring that people can be like oaks. It is said that oak strengthens body and soul, no wonder that its leaves adorn coats of arms, royal regalia and scepters!

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