Pendant Rose Petal

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Pendant Rose petal – truly, rose petals cover the road to happiness and long life full of dreams. This eternal heart-shaped petal protects friendship and love.

Each pendant has a great description story and individual packaging. Sterling silver. Measures – 18mm x 16mm.

Production time could take up to two weeks, if the pendant is not available in store at the moment.

Pendant Rose Petal:

Roses conquered the whole wide world. They have been around for an unbelievably long time – it is thought that roses were on our planet before man and witnessed the beauty of the garden of Eden! Three thousand years ago roses were used to treat various human ailments and illnesses. Their birthplace is somewhere around the Caspian Sea, but they were said to be domesticated in norther Iran. Hildesheim (Germany) boasts a thousand years old rose — the oldest rose in the world!

Love? It would be a bit banal and simple to limit it to that, as rose is the queen of all flowers!

It is said that roses calm the soul, bring joy to the eye, and, when needed, heal the body. Alchemists were throwing rose petals into their phials, trying to turn metals into gold – this is how for the first time fragrant and healing rose oil was extracted. Eternity exists in the fragility of a rose and its renewing beauty symbolizes never dying feelings. It also talks of unlimited courage, clean consciousness, passionate love for eternity, noble soul and good disposition.

A rose petal shower was meant for the chosen.