Pendant Sun


Pendant Sun – empowering and validating ancient Baltic symbolism.

Handcrafted from blackened sterling silver, embellished with massive rose gold (14K) sunbeams.

Pendant’s diameter: 17 mm.

Since each pendant is handcrafted, every piece slightly differs from others.

Production time could take up to two weeks, if this pendant is not available in our store at the moment.

Pendant Sun – it sometimes seems that our lands have retained more symmetrical signs and symbols than any other place in the world – were Latvians and Lithuanians the last keepers of pagan signs? They taught us to live in harmony with nature, without waiting for any bestowed mysterious miracles…

For people a sign is a hint, a connection to the past and to their beliefs. No wonder our ancestors were wearing a lot of jewelry every day…

Baltic tribes (including Lithuanians) did not have a particular sun deity in their pantheon of gods. However, celestial bodies were important, the most significant one, of course, being the powerful sun – giver of heavenly life.

Our sun that rises to the very top in the vault of the sky is full of vital powers, brightness and energy. The symbol of eternal changes, cyclicality and recurrent revival, as well as life and harmony. The sun sees and hears it all! The sun – a beginning for everything: it’s meant to give light into the lives of people, animals and plants.