Pakabukas Žirniukas
Pakabukas Žirniukas
Pakabukas Žirniukas

Pendant the Pea


Pendant the Pea: a white, gray, or maybe even black pearl suits you best?

Handcrafted, a solid gold, soldered onto the silver wire, which holds the pearl perfectly.
Can be worn with a chain (gold or silver), or hanged on the subtle YURGA organza ribbon. Goes amazingly with the little YURGA letters!

Materials: Sterling silver, golden bubble (AU585), freshwater pearl (9 – 10 mm. diameter).

Production time could take up to three weeks, if this necklace is not available in store at the moment.


Pendant the Pea, created for a subtle everyday life.

Laconic, stylish and classical, as well as a meaningful combination of materials: the pearl embodies elegance, silver is though of as the metal of souls, and the gold – a material sign of beginnings. Minimalist, yet posing a serious choice, whilst retaining a droplet of memories – of a children’s tale about a princess on a pea…

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