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Pakabukas Totemas
Pakabukas Totemas

Pendant Totem


Pendant Totem – a reminiscence to the old Native American signs and dream-catchers, holding onto the prettiest dreams, protecting and fostering its host. This piece is about youth, health, about “protection”, which can hold onto them, never let go and preserve them.

Rhodium-coated white (18K) gold. Can be yellow or even rose. Sapphires and a diamond. Can be worn on a gold chain, silken strip or a black India rubber cord.

Measures: 35 mm. – 20 mm.

Production time could take up to three weeks, if this pendant is not available in our store at the moment.

Pendant Totem:
“… that year, happiness was a persistent, never-ending, and absolute state of being. When it seems that every day starts with the only purpose – to make YOU happy.
The world is falling under your feet and life itself is a chain of endless discoveries, where you have only two choices – happiness or bigger happiness.
Even the most dilapidated houses in Vilnius old town seemed to be that way only to appear more romantic, and when you got up in the morning and brewed some coffee, the radio in the kitchen seemed to play only hymns of success.
And sadness…It always seemed to visit in the evenings, but always in a hurry – only for a little while, like a well-mannered guest, that came only to let happiness take a short repose, to lay its royal head down just for a moment…
Everything was right here – Paris, London, New York, of course, the plane tickets were too expensive, but who cares – these cities were right here, around the corner, and it was only a couple of days, maybe a week, a month, well, maybe even a year until the world would become yours!
Life is just the beginning, and this beginning will never end, like for all others, because YOU will be beautiful and young, you will be able to choose and will always make the right choice, you will be loved by everyone and you will love everyone. Hmm… that year LOVE shattered into fragments like a kaleidoscope – it would barely stir before morphing and taking yet another exuberant form. LOVE was carefree, like a merry-go-round – faces flying by, life changing colors and, like a roller-coaster, rushing you towards the marvelous future!
That feeling.
And your head wasn’t spinning from all the opportunity, from the magnitude of the world, from life, long like Queen’s “Bohemian rhapsody” …
At that time, the Native American dream-catcher hanging above the bed was filtering out the bad dreams and catching only the flying ones, turning them in a blink of an eye into the real, almost tangible, almost comprehensible, almost miniature, my own personal HAPPINESS…”

Pendant Totem:
Text was read at the presentation of Love ConDecorations (Love Awards) collection.

Author – Jurga Lago ©. Written specially for this piece.
Photographer – L.Masiokas.
Jewelry model – Jurga Šeduikytė.