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Ring Bud


Your most beloved. Nothing but a moment… and life will blossom!

Masterfully handcrafted from gold (18K), decorated with a diamond (0,02ct). The gold’s color can be chosen when placing an order (yellow, rose or rhodium-coated white gold).

Production time could take up to four weeks, if this ring or your size is not available in our store at the moment.

Rose Gold 18KRose Gold 18KRose Gold 18KWhite Gold 18KWhite Gold 18KWhite Gold 18KYellow Gold 18KYellow Gold 18KYellow Gold 18K

Ring Bud – represents a bud just before its blossoming, as it opens up and reveals itself to the sunny world in all its beauty! When we count hours, moments become long as days and waiting takes our breath away. Anticipation of happiness floats in the air when you know that the most beautiful life will begin from THAT precise instant, when the small bud turns into a flower. That moment will change a lifetime – as our paths cross and will become one broad road, we close our eyes, smiling, not daring to imagine that the happiness we were waiting for is so so near!

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