Ring Guardian of Happiness is about love for yourself and the beauty of today.

The combination of hard yellow gold (14K) and blue sapphire looks great, however, you can choose rose or white gold.  Handcrafted.

Dimensions: ring width is 4mm.  The size of the sapphire on the photo is 0.02 ct. Weight ~5.42g.

The desired stone can be selected in order.

Production will take up to four weeks if we do not have the ring in the store.

SaphireSaphireSaphireWhite DiamondWhite DiamondWhite Diamond
Rose Gold 18KRose Gold 18KRose Gold 18KWhite Gold 14KWhite Gold 14KWhite Gold 14KYellow Gold 14KYellow Gold 14KYellow Gold 14K

Ring Guardian of Happiness is on duty on your hand reminding you that happiness is fragile, that it should be enjoyed NOW, and that our desires often prevent us from seeing beautiful moments, and that the rule “all or nothing” has long gone out of fashion.  Little bird guarding its sapphire reminds us to be happy now, at the moment, without waiting for anything, without far-reaching expectations, huge plans, without judging and qualifying.  Love yourself more, carefully and patiently, because it is “what it is” and not “what it should be”.

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