Ring River


There’s no music more calming, nor such a vitality, as in the softly flowing never ending waters…

Masterfully handcrafted from sterling silver or silver decorated with gold (14K).

Production time could take up to three weeks, if this ring or your size is not available in our store at the moment.

Sterling SilverSterling SilverSterling SilverSterling Silver & 14K GoldSterling Silver & 14K GoldSterling Silver & 14K Gold

A jolly river, softly bypassing the little stones and flowing it’s way into the great wide sea. It becomes dashing and elemental when it rains, and in the heat of the sun, it gets rippling and gives all the thirsty animals and birdies some refreshing water, caressing the willow trees’ branches, leading all flying moths and dragonflies and the deep blue sky becomes deep – so deep you can enter it till your knees are wet, near all the soft clouds, into the fresh blue color of the sky, as into your dreams!

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