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Rings Strands is like nature itself – each ring is different.  It looks subtle on its own, several of them look elegant.

You can choose silver (925), or match one gold Strand (14K).  These rings do not have a size – they are very comfortable

Production will take up to two weeks if we do not have the rings in the store.

Sterling SilverSterling SilverSterling SilverSterling Silver & 14K GoldSterling Silver & 14K GoldSterling Silver & 14K Gold

Rings Strands – nature with its organic, chaotic, and live forms is the greatest source of inspiration and discovery for any artist.  To see and notice is just the beginning, but to turn it into the same natural and elegant silver version is often a subtle challenge, so each branch, each blossom, each form is different and attempting to preserve the simplicity as if it is a light and a careless attempt by a little girl to make her first flower crown…

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