Auskarai Paukšteliai
Auskarai Paukšteliai

Silver Earrings Little Birds


Earrings Birds, with their wings lifted up and ready to fly. This blackened, flame treated and, therefore, unique silver surface contrasts with the polished silver bubbles. Handcrafted, so each pair is slightly different but retains its proportions and design.

Sterling silver, dimensions: 27mm.

Also available with gold (14K) bubbles, adorning the birdie.

Production time could take up to two weeks, if these earrings are not available in store at the moment.

Silver 925Silver 925Silver 925Silver 925 & Gold 14KSilver 925 & Gold 14KSilver 925 & Gold 14K

Earrings Birds – oxidized silver surface, polished bubbles, and a rough, flame treated texture makes them unique, noticeable and… suitable for every day. In our studio, we lovingly call these birds “little dragons“ – they are of a somewhat „bristly character“ by design, and even though they don‘t invite a gentle touch, they are attractive and cute.

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