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  • Earrings Sisters – subtle, small, and comfortable earrings with a beautiful story – about community and real friends.
  • Ordinary and easily suitable for all occasions!  You can choose two silver birds that are the same, or choose the “Peacock” set – tail decorated with five cute bubbles!
  • Polished silver (925).
  • Part of YURGA’s most important collection – Birds.

Production could take up to two weeks if silver earrings Sisters are not available in the store.

Light silverLight silverOxidized silverOxidized silver

Silver earrings Sisters: subtle design and beautiful story of the creation of the earrings – isn’t it always more fun when there are two of us?  Life is a lot simpler when you can look at one another, or maybe just intuitively know that one word, one subtle hint, and you are understood!  Quiet and peaceful communion – no matter where we are, no matter how many kilometers or miles separate us, it is good to know that there are two of us!

Earrings Sisters can be made of polished silver or with a blackened surface.  Since most of our jewelry is handcrafted, we can make them gold, adorned with gems, or even make two different birds depending on your order.  YURGA offers a wide variety of choices!  It is a great choice to add our “Peacock tail” – detail decorated with five gold bubbles, which you can gently push by hand to follow your ear’s shape, just like shown in the photo with a model on the left.

Silver earrings are 4mm x 8mm.

Part of YURGA Birds collection.